What Gives YOU Hope? Seeking Submissions

Hope Looks Different for Each of Us

Won’t you join us?

Riverview Resilient is currently accepting student- and community-made videos, photos, and writings that incorporate the question, “what gives you hope?” Called Hope Video Project, it is intended to be a timeless resource for people to enjoy for the purposes of uplifting a diverse range of voices and forms of expression, inspiring hope, strengthening community cohesion, and sharing Riverview Resilient’s mission with the broader community.

In an effort to include representative voices from all community members, we will reach out to organizations that engage with and serve diverse and often underrepresented people. We will also center voices that have historically been marginalized, thoughtfully soliciting submissions that represent a variety of age, race, culture, language, and sexual identity.

About five minutes long, the project will begin with an introduction to Riverview Resilient, roll into a compilation of videos, photos, and written pieces about hope, and conclude with how to reach Riverview Resilient (shared on, but not limited to, social media platforms and website).

How to Participate:

Each participant will be required to complete our permission form authorizing Riverview Resilience, Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, and Riverview School District to work in collaboration on the assembly and publication of their videos, photos, and/or written materials (of both minors and adults). The creations and permissions will be securely held in the files of the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.

The timeline for this project is:

  • September 14, 2020 –submissions and permissions due to Maren or Rachel
  • October, 2020 – completion and release

If you would like to participate, please contact either Rachel or me before you make your recording or do your writing. Even though the process is simple, we’d like to send you tips on how to make it a success, and other instructions you may need.

[This proposal is a work in progress. As with all creative endeavors, we will need to reserve the right to edit submissions as necessary, based on how the project is taking shape, exclusive of signed and received permission agreements].

If you have any questions, let us know!

Thank you,


This article has been a collaboration from Rachel Tomczek, Alyson Paris, and myself.

Maren Van Nostrand, Riverview Resilient Lead, and Youth Resilience and Community Resource Coordinator for the Riverview School District area: maren@svcn.info


Rachel Tomczek, Riverview School District Liaison and Project Co-Manager: tomczekr@rsd407.org

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