What is Resilience? To spring back and heal through difficult experiences.

As friends, family and community members we can help each other be RESILIENT.

Crisis Hotline Numbers

Photo of the Snoqualmie Valley courtesy of Jason Coon

What we are all about…

Riverview Resilient is part of the community-based Snoqualmie Valley Resilience effort. Our mission is to inform the community about the power of resilience, especially for people who have endured  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The good news is that personal resilience can be developed!

This website provides techniques for increasing resilience in our children, youth, and in ourselves.

Response to COVID-19

We need resilience more than ever before as the pandemic continues to challenge our lives in various ways. Learn how Riverview Resilience is coordinating help for people of the Snoqualmie Valley.