Trauma Informed Practices

Each of us has a story which has had an impact on our lives. Trauma informed practices recognize the impact trauma has on people's mental, physical, and emotional health; while also focusing on root causes of collective harm.

Five Key Factors in Trauma Informed Practice


    1. Trauma-informed approaches are a shift in perspective characterized by a deeper understanding of the impact trauma has on physical and psychological health over time, and the power to heal in the space of safe and trusting relationships. Practitioners move from asking the question, "What's wrong with you?" to "What's happened to you?" Looking at more factors within a person's life versus simply focusing on the harm, injury, or trauma. A person is more than their trauma.
    2. Trauma is not a single event. Trauma is anything that overwhelms our capacity to cope and happens over time. Trauma may compound throughout life as further events happen, especially if these later events return the person to the original trauma.
    3. Concepts aren't new, rather broader. We've learned so much over time and Trauma Informed Practices are now used in school discipline, as ways to support health and social services staff, and to find the strengths in patients as doctor's address physical needs.
      • Over time, staff working in fields more closely with people who have experienced trauma may struggle with vicarious trauma (second-hand exposure) which leads to burnout.
    4. Trauma-informed practices are incomplete without focusing on resiliency and protective factors for individuals and communities. There are many ways individuals and communities are resilient to adversity. ACE's happen to us, they do not define us. Healing is experienced collectively and we are determined to build on the strengths that lead to well-being.
    5. Resources! There are so many resources available within communities, public health, schools, healthcare providers, and more. Visit the included links to discover more about Trauma Informed Practices and the exciting work being done around the Seattle area.