Teen Nights (teens only)

We’ve been having so much fun with teens-only online game nights that we’re hosting four more! Join us! It’s a great way to connect with people, relax, and make new friends!

Feb 9 and Mar 9, 7-8:30pm: register here 

Feb 23 and Mar 23, 7-8:30pm: register here


February will be Pictionary; March will be Story Cubes. Every teen night starts with an ice-breaker, and has opportunities for attendees to share thoughts and ideas along the way. There’s always time at the end for last minute thoughts, invitations to future events, and a closing round of goodbyes. 

These events are hosted by a teen leader, under the support of Maren Van Nostrand, Community Resilience Coordinator with Riverview Resilience, SVCN.

Maren specializes in lifting up the talents in others, leading youth activities, developing leadership, and building community. To read more about Maren:

If you have questions, please email

Thanks, and see you there!


Riverview Resilience Series: from Natural Resilience, to Resilience Stories, to Self-Care! (adults only)

March is Resilience Month in the Snoqualmie Valley! Please join Maren Van Nostrand, host with Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, Riverview Resilient, and inspiring change leaders for three dynamic and informative workshops.

These will be intriguing community moments in which we create memories, learn tools and make connections. They will help us become stronger together as we face the many challenges ahead! All are on Wednesdays 3:30pm-5pm on zoom, and free!

Register here for March 3: Natural Resilience: Moving from Covid Response to Community Flourishing with Kody Russell.

Register here for March 24 for Thriving in Challenge: Writing Your Resilience Story with Rachel Dexheimer.

Register here for March 31 for Self Care: Critical, Not Optional with Tovi Scruggs-Hussein.

Workshop descriptions:

Workshop #1   March 3

Kody Russell

Natural Resilience: Moving from Covid Response to Community Flourishing with Kody Russell

If resilience is rooted in relationships, then how can we create the conditions in our community that help us feel safe and connected? Join an engaging and creative conversion using the metaphor of a garden/forest to understand COVID, its impact on our community, and our ability to adapt on an individual level (neural plasticity) and a communal level…toward a model for community healing. Together we will explore the natural resilience of forests and what lessons they can teach us about how to grow and live together! Register here for March 3.


Workshop #2   March 24

Rachel Dexheimer

Thriving in Challenge: Writing Your Resilience Story with Rachel Dexheimer

During this interactive session, we will explore the power of stories, their impact on our experience of challenge, and gather practical tools to write our personal stories of resilience. We will uncover the stories that currently animate our experience, discover how they foreshadow our future, and learn relevant ways to use our stories to thrive during challenge. Expect to build on the lessons of community healing with Kody Russell (workshop #1 of this series) and prepare ourselves to engage with the meaningful self-care that Tovi Scruggs-Hussein will take us through (workshop #3 of this series). Register here for March 24.


Workshop #3   March 31

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Self Care: Critical, Not Optional with Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde 

Now, more than ever, self-care is critical, not optional – and it’s linked to R.E.S.T (Restoratively Embracing Self Today).  Self-care includes all the things you do to take care of your well-being in four key dimensions – your emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health.  Through the use of practical activities, reflection and discussion, this engaging and interactive session invites participants to understand where we are “rest-deprived” and assess the tweaks we need to make in our lives to re-store ourselves to greater wellness. We will also explore aspects of self-care and REST through the lens of equity and inclusion.  Participants will be given the opportunity to identify and evaluate their own strategies and create a personal self-care plan that relies on choices, not a bank account. Register here for March 31.


To sign up for the all-day conference Resilience Rising on Wednesday, March 17:

Questions? email

Thanks, and see you there!